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Hi, I’m Anne. Welcome to my blog!


I recently left my job in Washington, DC to go on a trip around the world with my boyfriend, Tyler. I’m on a one-year sabbatical where I hope to knock a few things off my bucket list, live deliberately, and explore what it means to have time wealth.

A few things I hope to accomplish this year:

Here’s My Story

I hail from a small town outside of Pensacola, Florida. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been curious about the world, using meager savings from crappy food service jobs as a young adult and every opportunity I could to travel. I planned my education around study abroad opportunities.

After finishing graduate school, I moved to Washington, DC for what I thought would be two months – I ended up staying for five years. I had a promising career. I worked insane hours. I solved problems. I saw foreign policy play out in front of my eyes.

As luck would have it, work was constantly taking me to far off places like:


Saudi Arabia

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The lifestyle was fascinating, addicting, and unsustainable.

I was contemplating next steps in my career and couldn’t decide what to do because my heart was telling me to leave DC. I had dreamt of doing a trip around the world since I was a little girl, but I continued to kick the dream down the road – my ego and sense of responsibility always got the better of me.

It wasn’t until 2015 that I decided to listen to my intuition and take a leap of faith.

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In the summer of 2015, I called it quits, sold everything I could, and a few weeks later, I was on a plane to Croatia to being a journey around the world with this guy:



I started this blog to tell stories from our trip and to write about what I’ve learned. This year is about self-reflection, finding courage, and living a life worth writing about (or at least trying).

I will also be writing about what it’s like to travel as a couple and lessons you can apply to your life. I hope to inspire others who may be thinking about taking the same leap of faith. Over time, my goal is to develop this site to write about past travels.



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  • Martha R

    You really are awe inspiring, Anne. The blog is beautiful, and I am so glad you are sharing with us this glimpse inside your travels. Thoughts and prayers go with you and Tyler as you embark on this adventure.

    • That means a lot, Martha. Thanks for taking the time to read. So happy we got to catch up this summer. Lots of love. p.s. bring back your blog!!