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Lessons from a Tanzanian Safari

The safari was without a doubt one of the highlights of this round-the-world trip — and maybe of my life. It. is. just. so. awesome! We arrived in Tanzania without having booked a safari. Before we arrived, we looked up some tour packages online. The prices listed were alarming — around $1800-$2000 for a budget […]

The Time We Got Attacked in Zanzibar…

…by cuteness! It was our last night in Jambiani Beach, so naturally we were heading to Chez Hassan for the best seafood meal of our lives (again), when all of a sudden this tiny, electric pink figure darted toward me. As this little girl got within a few feet, she turned into an Olympian long-jumper and […]

Tanzania Safari Highlights

After tackling Kilimanjaro, we relaxed on a 5-day/4-night safari through Lake Manyara, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater. The safari was one of the most incredible, surreal experiences of my life. It’s remarkable seeing these animals in the wild instead of locked up in a zoo. My words won’t do this experience justice, so I’ll let the pictures speak […]


After spending two nights in Stone Town, we ventured to the pristine beaches of Jambiani. We didn’t feel like navigating the party scene and throngs of tourists near Nungwi, and some travelers recommended Jambiani — we were so glad we listened because what we found was breathtaking: This was one of the most spectacular beaches I have […]

What I Learned on Mt. Kilimanjaro

I learned a lot this past month. I learned that I am actually capable of climbing a massive mountain. I learned that with minimal preparation you can still successfully summit Kilimanjaro. I wanted to share a few things from this experience so others can learn from some of the mistakes I made. Pre-Hike:  Useful Tips You can book […]

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro – Day by Day

  “Poa kachizi kama ndizi ndani ya frigi!” Swahili for, “Crazy cool like a banana in your fridge!” — the only appropriate response to “How are you?” while on Kilimanjaro. Choose a Route First, we needed to figure out which route to take. There are seven routes that all lead to Uhuru Peak. After some […]