Dubrovnik, Croatia Visual Diary

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Dubrovnik, Croatia Visual Diary

Dubrovnik was the first city on the ’round-the-world tour and was the perfect place to decompress after a hectic few years in Washington. The deep blue coastline is extraordinary, the cuisine rivals any of its Mediterranean neighbors, and did I mention it’s BEAUTIFUL?

We were fortunate to visit Croatia during the annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which is held from mid-July to the end of August. Visiting orchestras, dancers, and entertainers performed in the streets at night and added to the already enchanting experience we were having in the historic Old City. On the inaugural night of the festival, we watched fireworks explode above the city walls from a boat in the harbor while sipping sljivovica, a local plum brandy.

From Dubrovnik, it’s easy to organize day trips to nearby islands. We took the ferry to the island of Lopud for a day. The water on the island is crystal clear, the seafood is abundant, and it’s more remote than the rocky beaches of Dubrovnik. Croatia isn’t known for its sandy beaches, so proceed with caution! (And be sure to check the ferry timetable if you do a day trip.)

For accommodation, we rented a charming studio apartment on Airbnb overlooking Lapad Bay. It’s a 10-minute bus ride to the center of Dubrovnik, but I liked that we went home to quiet place away from all of the crowds. [Warning: it is hike up the hill to get the apartment, but the view was worth it.]

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Dubrovnik, Croatia Visual Diary

Here are some of my favorite shots. (If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll probably recognize some of the photos from scenes in the series!)


2015-07-10 13.18.58

2015-07-10 13.20.29

2015-07-10 19.35.27

Our Airbnb

2015-07-11 17.01.51

2015-07-09 19.28.08


The Old City walls


2015-07-09 20.13.31


2015-07-11 20.00.35

2015-07-11 20.04.54


2015-07-13 18.47.11

2015-07-10 20.56.03


2015-07-11 00.45.34

Slivovitz, a local brandy – try it, but sip it slowly!



2015-07-13 14.34.31

Lopud, Croatia

2015-07-13 14.34.21



Is Dubrovnik is as beautiful as you thought? Did you recognize any of the GoT filming locations?!


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