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What I Learned on Mt. Kilimanjaro

I learned a lot this past month. I learned that I am actually capable of climbing a massive mountain. I learned that with minimal preparation you can still successfully summit Kilimanjaro. I wanted to share a few things from this experience so others can learn from some of the mistakes I made. Pre-Hike:  Useful Tips You can book […]

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro – Day by Day

  “Poa kachizi kama ndizi ndani ya frigi!” Swahili for, “Crazy cool like a banana in your fridge!” — the only appropriate response to “How are you?” while on Kilimanjaro. Choose a Route First, we needed to figure out which route to take. There are seven routes that all lead to Uhuru Peak. After some […]

Around the World

Several people have asked about our travel plan. While visiting family in Florida, Tyler and I mapped out a provisional itinerary based on a few bucket list items, countries we wanted to visit, and seasons. Some are new locations, and some are dear to our hearts. A few of my bucket lists items include climbing […]

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